“We aim to capture memories as well as visually enhance your students high school experience!”
- J. Heath Graham



The Russellville Sports Network is a combined effort fulfilled by network of contributors.  Our team is dedicated to giving back to our community throughout sporting events by way of photography, video as well as information directly associated with our hard working coaches and athletes.  The best part is its all FREE, we donate all of our developed content back to our athletes and parents who wish to savor the memories.  



Portraits by Sarah Deragon

Jared Gordon
Partner, Architecture

Tessa Cortes
Partner, Operations

Mikael Lindberg
Partner, Design


Associates & Staff

Eduardo Page
Senior Architect

Nina Bennett

Claribel Conroy

Caleb Romero
Senior Designer

Jamie Harris
Senior Designer

Traci Greene

Ana Nikolaidis

Michele Kovacs

Lucas Fletcher

Amir Thakur
Business Development

Santiago Roy
Business Development

Odell Tyner
Business Development

Tom Hogan
IT Manager

Angelica Erickson
Office Manager

Open Positions

We have multiple ways to become a contributor at the Russellville Sports Network.  We are consistently looking for individuals who want to be a part of an organization that exist for the sole purpose of giving back.  Below tell us a little about yourself as well as apply for any open positions that may be available.   



  • All qualifications are dependent based on the responsibilities needed.
  • College degrees are preferred but definitely not required, we are more interested in your experience, portfolio, work ethic and what you bring to the table. 
  • 3 Things we initially look for.  IntegrityWork EthicLikability.  Lets face it, we enjoy what we do and we aim to keep healthy flow amongst our team.  For that to happen it takes honesty, a lot of hard work and a likable attitude.  Our team will strive for excellence in everything we put out as we give back to our community.  

                                                         Apply Today

Photographer Application

Name *
If so please list which social platforms you use most as well as your profile for our review.
If you are currently in school simply list which school you attend, if you are currently employed please tell us about what you do.

Journalist Application

Name *
Any links to blogs, websites or social media profiles would be great.
What platforms? How often?
If you are currently in school simply list which school you attend, if you are currently employed please tell us about what you do.


Do you guys offer paid positions?  Glad you asked.  The best answer is yes but not right away.  Our team is primarily made up of volunteers.  These are people who are passionate about giving back while making a difference in our athletic community.  There will be a small team potentially hired as those paid positions come available.  

What is a Contributor?  We have multiple types of contributors but all of our contributors could be broke down into 2 categories.  We have people who donate their time and services which helps our network facilitate content and we have financial contributors who want to be a part of our network but don't have the available time to dedicate towards these types of task.  Financial contributors are also referred to as sponsors.  They are the ones who make what we do possible.  They allow us to give back more than just services.  

Why do we need something like this "Network"?  Great question,  when our founder J. Heath Graham launched this idea it was for a simple purpose, to give back to our community as well as promote the coaches and student athletes who work so hard yet often get very little exposure for their efforts.  When you are doing things for the right reasons you can never go wrong, we aim to shed strong positive light on our athletic programs and bring an awareness to Russellville sports unlike anything that has yet to be done in the state of Arkansas.  Why do we need this network, because we believe our students and coaches matter and in a world full of negative this allows us to join together in an effort that will bring positive impact in our community with the shared common interest of sports.  We aim to celebrate inspirational stories together and bring awareness to all of our athletic programs.  When highlights are constantly on display it causes other student athletes who may not be yet involved to begin to have a desire to participate.  When this happens it strengthens the overall health of our athletic programs.